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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Burn of the Day 7.3.13

Get your sweat on!
 I have/had (still going strong today) been so busy, overwhelmed, and a little stressed out today. I ALMOST didn't workout today because of my busy day. I am so glad I MADE time to do this. This entire workout took less than 90 minutes.
I'm feeling much better now. Remember, working out is cheaper than therapy! 
Post your times!  

*6 miles on treadmill (7:50 pace) 
*120 sit-ups tossing 10lb. medicine ball
*Seated Row (10x3 reps with 85 lbs.)
*Row (10x3 reps with 90lbs)

*(1 round)
Using 20 lb. KB: 
15 box jumps (20 inch)
15 push ups (not girly)
25 KB swings w/deep squat
30 squats (no KB) 
25 punch swings L arm
25 punch swings R arm
15 deep squats w/high KB press
25 over the head swings with deep squat 
20 burpees

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