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Friday, July 5, 2013

Burn of the Day {BOD} 7/5/13


45# barbell Overhead Squats


Every Minute on the Minute {I love using this YouTube video timer for EMOTM workouts. It beeps every minute for 30 minutes}
5 push-ups
15 American or Russian Kettlebell Swings {35#}

Add 1 push-up each successive minute until failure

Here's a hint on kettlebell swings...your quads should not be burning. This is not a squat! Yes, you are bending your knees, but just enough to "catch" the kettlebell on the downswing. It's more of a hip thrust action to get that sucker up to overhead {American} or to shoulder or eye-level {Russian}.

American Kettlebell Swing

Russian Kettlebell Swing

Lots of love,

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